I love my sister so much. I love that I haven’t leaned on her like I have in the past, but the second I need her, she’s there. I sent her a kind of scary text last night and when I woke up, she just was like, “Pack your stuff and come stay with me I’m off work at midnight.” So I did. I waited up for her to get home, pretty much cried within two minutes of her being home and she still stayed and talked. She didn’t tell me that everything is okay. She didn’t tell me that I have to keep all my classes. She didn’t tell me I was wrong for any of what I was feeling. She told me I’m allowed to be not okay and to not have to push myself to be everything everyone expects of me. I told her I didn’t get out of bed until 3pm today and when she went to bed, she said that if I felt like getting out of bed in the morning, we can talk more. ❤️ I feel like anyone else would be like, “nope, out of bed at 8 am!!” if I said I wanted to lie around, but she understands that I’m not okay right now and that it’s okay to not be okay for a little while.


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and if i really want a change
then tonight i’m gonna need all of my strength

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"You look at Gemma, and you look at Nero; he’s in the female role. I mean, traditionally. He’s the one bringing out the soft and loving side of her, and he is having a profound affect on her, no doubt, but she’s a warrior. She’s a warrior. He’s a feeler and he’s a lover. He’s a gentle man caught in a rough life. I think there’s some really interesting role reversal there. Typically, it would be—I mean, Gemma’s such a fantastic character. Typically, the dynamic that exists between them would be with the locus of love being in the female character sort of softening the male character. That’s typically the way that’s set up in these shows and this is exactly the opposite." - Robin Weigert (Sons of Anarchy co-star)

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Yes you could be sad about your pairings but:

  • Inappropriately timed confessions
  • At a ski lodge and somehow got stuck outside in the middle of the storm but hey look there’s a conveniently abandoned cabin I guess the logical thing to do is go in there and snuggle for warmth for the night
  • Seeing love interest in formal wear for the first time whaaat
  • Everyone thinks they’re dating and then they start wondering if they’re dating
  • Oops friend looks like the only place to sleep in this house is this small, twin-sized bed, guess we’ll have to share
  • Thunderstorm cuddles
  • Crashed the wrong wedding and now the best man/maid of honor is on my ass, but hey they’re kinda hot so???
  • Run into each other in a hospital while there for really stupid reasons
  • Both have same obscure taste in music and meet in a dark corner of a music store
  • Neighbors in a shitty apartment building that share a sense of solidarity for each other (also a mutual attraction because hotawhat)
  • Sleepy kisses
  • Inappropriately timed confessions

that is all

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when you search “fuck yeah alison krauss” on google images the picture of alison and dan holding hands is in the first row of pictures god fucking bless

September 1st


Once upon a time, Tony Rice and Sam Bush were just babes in the bluegrass woods. With a genre-bending little band called Bluegrass Alliance, they caused quite a stir back in the day. BassistEbo Walker talks a little bit about that as he’s introducing this number.

Here’sBluegrass Alliance from a 1972 show at Renfro Valley with a plaintive version of Richard Fariña' s “Pack Up Your Sorrows”.

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